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Adj. Professor of Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University

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About Dennis Torres

Dennis Torres is a skilled, talented mediator, arbitrator and negotiator who is committed to serving the best interests of all parties. He has successfully settled and negotiated thousands of disputes and contracts throughout his professional career.

More than 30 years of business experience enables Torres to quickly identify the key issues of any dispute, separate the conflict from the personalities and pragmatically work toward resolution. Additionally, he brings a high degree of integrity and creativity to the process, often being praised for his “out of the box” solutions.

A daily meditator since the mid 1970s, it is easy for Torres to remain centered, focused and neutral while being firmly committed to resolution. His style utilizes a full range of facilitative, evaluative, distributive and transformational methods as best suited for the individuals and the uniqueness of each challenge.

While varying the process to fit the parties and the dispute, typically he will first caucus with counsel for both sides, followed by a joint session with all parties, then individual caucuses with each disputant and their attorney. His success rate is among the highest in the industry and his solutions among the most satisfying. Click here for references.

Torres received his formal training in dispute resolution from Pepperdine University's School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, which is rated number one in the country.  He has both a Master's Degree in Dispute Resolution and a Professional Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution. Additionally, he is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York where he earned a degree in industrial engineering.  He also studied law at LaSalle University before being assigned duty with the United States Air Force in Vietnam. In 2006, he completed the PON at Harvard Law School.

In addition to his private practice, Torres serves as an adjunct professor of negotiation and dispute resolution for Pepperdine University and as a mediator for the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR), the California Academy of Mediation Professionals (CAMP), the Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation Center (AMCC), the State of California Superior Court in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, and the Courts of Malibu, Santa Monica and Van Nuys, and as both a mediator and arbitrator for the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). He has been professionally associated with Pepperdine University since 1989.

Torres is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA), the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR), which in 2001 merged and is now known as the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), the American Bar Association (ABA) Associate, and the Community Associations Institute (CAI), a nationwide organization for homeowner associations. He specializes in commercial and business disputes with particular expertise in all areas of the real estate industry including, but not limited to, disputes involving contracts, borkerage, escrow, transactional matters, appraisal, construction and contractor law, title, property management, leasing and community associations (HOAs).

Torres, a licensed real estate professional since 1970, founded and operated a multioffice general real estate brokerage company employing a sales staff of more than 100 licensed agents who spoke more than 20 languages. The company, headquartered in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California captured one of the largest market shares of business among independently owned agencies. During that time Torres and his company were members of 10 different Boards of Realtors.

He has been a successful real estate developer; principal in a real estate investment trust; a highly compensated real estate consultant; property manager and Director of Real Estate Operations for Pepperdine University where he headed a team that regularly acquired, managed and disposed of hundreds of millions of dollars in properties all across the country.

Torres has served as president of many business, professional and charitable organizations including two homeowner associations; The Men’s Association of Vista Del Mar; The Rotary Club of Malibu; Averi Dennis Realtors; Round Structures Inc.; The American Medical Support Flight Team, Inc. and One Vision, Inc. He also served as (1999-2000) president of the Association of University Real Estate Officials (AUREO) a professional organization of real estate officials from nearly every major university in the United States (and some in Canada and Australia), including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton; Yale, MIT, USC, University of California, Purdue, Vanderbilt and others.

Torres and his wife Averi were married in 1969. In 1983 they founded a charitable organization called Angel Flight whose mission is to provide free air transportation aboard member’s private aircraft for medically needy persons who are unable to utilize commercial transportation either because of financial or medical reasons. For the first 5 years of its existence Torres served as president, executive director, chief fundraiser, mission coordinator and pilot. Today under the umbrella of Angel Flight America, approximately 25,000 flights per year, (68 per day, nearly 1 flight every 20 minutes of every day) are provided free of charge to families in need across America.

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