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Dispute Resolution

Professional Biography
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Curriculum Vitae
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Litigation Consulting and Expert Testimony

Adj. Professor of Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University

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Dispute Resolution Specialties

Real Estate
Dennis Torres is the premier Mediator/Arbitrator for all real estate disputes. He has over thirty years of real life, professional experience and expertise in the real estate industry. First licensed in 1970 (a licensed California real estate Broker since 1976), he founded, owned, and operated one of the largest independent real estate brokerage companies in Los Angeles and was a member of more than ten real estate boards serving on several committees. He also served on several Homeowner Association boards and is a current member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

Dennis was a principal in a real estate investment trust (REIT) and held a broker/dealer/principal license from the NASD. He has been a real estate investor; a professional property manager managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate; a real estate developer; the director of real estate for Pepperdine University for over fifteen years; and past president of the Association of University Real Estate Officials (AUREO), whose members include Harvard, Stanford, Yale and nearly every top university in the country. He has personally participated in the purchase and sale of more than a billion dollars of real estate. Dennis currently serves as a California Superior Court real estate expert witness and a lecturer in real estate for Pepperdine University.

Other areas of specialization include:

Business and Commercial
Dennis Torres has over thirty years of extensive and varied experience as a businessman. He has owned and operated several successful businesses and negotiated and mediated countless agreements and disputes.

Insurance and Personal Injury
Dennis Torres has extensive experience in mediating and arbitrating insurance and personal injury cases. About thirty-five percent of his mediation/arbitration practice is insurance and personal injury claims.

Dennis Torres has extensive experience in the aviation field. He holds a commercial, multi-engine, instrument pilot’s license since the mid 1960s and was licensed as a flight instructor for many years. He served four years with the United States Air Force including two and a half with the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and a one-year tour in Viet Nam. He was also director of aviation research for a major manufacturer of aviation training materials. He has owned more than seven single and multi-engine aircraft.

Download Dennis Torres professional biography and curriculum vitae from the web site for more details.

Below is a partial list of the types of disputes mediated/arbitrated by Dennis Torres.

Real Estate Disputes
Contract Disputes
Commission Disputes
Property Inspection Disputes
Title Matters
Construction Disputes
Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Leasehold Disputes
Partnership Disputes
Seller/Buyer Disputes
Builder Disputes
Condominium & Homeowner Association (HOA) Disputes
Customer & Consumer Disputes
Neighbor Disputes
Personal Injury
Medical Malpractice
Civil Rights
Vendor/Vendee Disputes
Insurance Disputes

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