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What Clients Say About Dennis Torres, MDR

All the references in this section are on file in the offices of Dennis Torres, MDR  They are in writing and the clients have given permission for their names to be used. While the references presented are only a sampling gathered over the years, they are quite numerous, approximately 1,000 listings.   For this reason, we have divided them into categories which will permit the pages to load faster and aid you in selecting the type of reference of most interest to you. At the bottom of this page you will find links to references from: Plaintiff's attorneys; defendant's attorneys; plaintiffs; defendants; insurance company representatives; corporate clients; judges; and others.

Thank you for considering Dennis Torres, MDR for your dispute resolution, litigation consultant and expert witness needs.

  • Rodney T. Lewin, Esq. "Thanks so much for your hard work and help."
  • Richard Grimm, Esq., - Grimm & Scholnick – Breach of Commercial Lease – "The negotiating went extremely well and I would be happy to use Mr. Torres to mediate."
  • William D. Schuster, Esq. – Allie & Schuster – Construction Dispute – "I appreciate the opportunity of participating with Mr. Torres. He was very through and effective."
  • J.A.S. Esq. Employment Discrimination Case – "You did a great job Dennis. Tell your students I said so. You’re the best"
  • Roni J. Hardy, Esq. – Business Dispute – “Excellent, Mr. Torres’ professional Demeanor and mediation techniques, combined with his prompt grasp of the issues presented greatly enhanced the ultimate settlement of this matter.“
  • Barbara Peters, Esq. – Real Estate Case – “Excellent, mediator has a genuine willingness to look for creative solutions and to work with difficult parties.”
  • Benson J. Goldstein, Esq. – Personal Injury Case – “Excellent. Dennis is fair, logical thinking and thorough in his analysis and helping explain the real issues to consider to the client.
  • Arthur J. Schmid III, Esq.“Excellent.  Worked very hard to get case resolved.”
  • Mark Gruskin, Esq. – Personal Injury Case – “Excellent.  Very optimistic and professional.  Works hard and get good result.”
  • Frank Stanley, Esq. – “Excellent. Beautiful venue.  Will recommend use of this mediator in the future.”
  • Nelson L. Atkins, Esq. Law Offices of Atkins & Evans“Excellent. Persistent Mediator brought case to settlement.”
  • David M. Shaby II, Esq. – “Excellent. Great demeanor a pleasure to work with, good grasp of the law and facts.”
  • Peter Steinberg, Esq. “Excellent. Mr. Torres is a great mediator.”
  • Russell Kwan, Esq.“Excellent.  Enclosed is a copy of your invoice and a check for your services.  Your contribution to this matter was an immensely positive one.  As such, thank you kindly for your services and patience.”
  • Joseph Shalant, Esq. “Excellent.  It was a pleasure attending this mediation and I appreciate the efficiency and hospitality of our mediator who did a very good job with ever more difficult contentions.”
  • Chase Mellen, Esq.Real Estate Partnership Dispute – “Excellent. Thought Mr. Torres did an excellent job under sometimes difficult circumstances.”
  • Robert S. Arkin, Esq. – Real Estate Construction Case – “Excellent.  This was an effective mediation given the difficulty of issues presented.”
  • Paul H. Ottosi, Esq. – “Excellent evaluation on case.  Knowledgeable of each fact.”
  • Silvio Natale, Esq., Nelson & Natale “Comforting and honest mediation style.  I appreciate the realistic evaluations.”
  • Ronald Carpol, Esq. – Attorney Fee Dispute – “Excellent, the mediator was spectacular in settling an unsettable case.”
  • Daniel E. Lewis, Esq., Offices of Wasserman & Comden“Dennis settled a case that I thought could not be resolved.”
  • Arnold H. Wuhrman, Esq., - Legal Malpractice Real Estate Case – “Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for recommending Dennis Torres as a one possible mediator in the legal malpractice action I corresponded with you about a few months ago.  The other side liked his resume the best, so we went with him, and he was just wonderful! The clients were thrilled with both the process and the outcome.”
  • Sherwin C. Edelberg, Esq. – Quiet Title Case – “The impartiality and knowledge of mediator is outstanding.”
  • Marlene Cooper, Esq. Real Estate Case – “I was very impressed with Mr. Torres’s hard work and expertise in this matter.  I will not hesitate to call on you again should the opportunity arise.”
  • Kenneth Aran, Esq., - Insurance Bad Faith Case – “Mr. Torres is exceptionally well qualified.  He worked well with both sides and was very effective as a facilitator.”
  • Mitch Green Esq. – Personal Injury Case – “Mr. Torres, is far the most knowledgeable Arbitrator Mediator I have used.  He dives into the issues and conducts a fair open and meaningful hearing.  At the end of the day you leave feeling you were helped!”
  • Gregory Gershuni, Esq. Fraudulent Conveyance Case – “The mediator demonstrated an uncommonly astute grasp of the issues and artfully facilitated a fair settlement.”
  • Robert M. Moss, Esq. – Real Estate Case – “Excellent as usual!”
  • Leodis C. Matthews, Esq. – Real Estate Case – “Exceptional mediator. Able to grasp complicated real estate issues and proposed creative resolution.  Extremely quick with full attention to rights of all parties, gained confidence of parties which contributed to acceptable settlement conditions.”
  • Walter R. Luostari Esq. – Real Estate Contract Case – “One of the best mediations.  Did not expect to settle this case. Mr. Torres was able to focus on issues and facts germane to the case and made the parties do the same.”
  • Ann L. Holiday, Esq. DF&B, - Personal Injury Case – “Excellent.  This was a difficult mediation and Dennis worked hard to get the parties together.  We were pleasantly surprised that the case settled. Dennis had a good grasp of the legal issues and took the time to ascertain the facts.”
  • Douglas W. Stern, Esq. Fulbright & Jaworski LLP – Real Estate Case – “Excellent; Good job on the case I thought it would not settle.”
  • Terra Y. Trice, Esq. Gray, York & Duffy, LLP “Excellent, the matter was resolved fairly and expeditiously.”
  • Andrew Zanger, Esq. – “Excellent. Settled a previously immovable case.”
  • Josiah C. Boggs, Esq. – “Excellent. It is always a pleasure to work with Dennis.  He works hard to resolve issues and is thoroughly professional, always pleasant.”
  • Danielle Tramell, Esq. – “Excellent. Great mediator, saw all sides.  He was great.”
  • Kim B. Puckett, Esq. Offices of Calendo, Puckett – “Excellent and very professional, no time wasted, comes across as very neutral.”
  • Lisa N. Shyer, Esq. – Premises Liability Case – “At the beginning of the mediation, I had no hope that this matter would settle.  Based on the skill and disposition of the mediator, this matter was able to settle on fair terms.”
  • Coleen A. Deziel, Esq., A.M.C.“Dennis thank you for all of your hard work in resolving what I thought was a case that wouldn’t settle.”
  • Tyronne Maho Esq. “It was a pleasure working with you toward the successful resolution of this case, and you made me look great for (my client) Wal-Mart, excellent job.”
  • Joseph G. Emmons Esq., - Construction Case – “You were terrific, I would recommend you in the future.”
  • Lawrence G. Kepiro Esq., - Star Insurance – Construction Defect Case – “Excellent ability to bring parties together.”
  • Al Lustgarten, Esq. Real Estate Case - “Excellent demeanor. Wonderful reservoir of experience. Knowledge as relates to real estate manners. Very thorough.”
  • Vicente Fornias, Esq. – Contract Dispute Case – “Mr. Torres did an outstanding job.”
  • Frank D. Rubin, Esq. – Probate Case – “Excellent demeanor- settled a case we were sure could not settle with emotional family people.  Thanks so much.”
  • Leodis C. Matthews, Esq. – Real Estate Contract Case – “Talented, effective, brilliant when the facts and law issues are complicated, high credibility and integrity with clients and attorneys alike.  I use whenever I have the opportunity!”
  • H. Sandhu – Landlord/Tenant dispute – “The mediation was conducted in a professional manner to the satisfaction of both parties. Excellent, I would recommend Torres.”
  • D. Galpern – Business Finance Case – “Very well managed.  I wish we had come to you sooner.”
  • K. Woodward – Real Estate Contract Case – “What an honor to meet such a highly evolved human spirit.  I’m so grateful for you being our mediator.  We would have never come to an agreement without you. Thank you for such a wonderful mediation.  I can finally rest in peace. The mediator was fair and explained the situation in an understandable manner.”
  • W. Wilson Contractual Fraud – “Very insightful, intuitive, and persuasive to both sides.”
  • R. Flynn – Real Estate Case – “I thought Dennis Torres was excellent in that he saw through emotions, anger, etc. and cut to the chase.”
  • Zenaida Pardinas –“Excellent!  Excellent mediator who is very neutral and very courteous.  He understands both sides with respect.”
  • J. Aiello – Real Estate Case – “This is a complicated case with many parties, but the mediation style and demeanor of the mediator resulted in a productive mediation session.”
  • J. Johnson – Real Estate Case – “Excellent! The best professional service to be expected.”
  • N. Merchant, Allstate Ins. Co. – Personal Injury Case – “Excellent. Mr. Torres brings a good deal of good nature and conveys the points in all areas effectively.”
  • D. Miles, State Farm – Personal Injury Case – “Excellent. This mediation was the most effective and pleasant conference I have attended. The location is breathtaking.”
  • R. Hutchinson, Blair & Co. – Personal Injury Case – “Excellent session, Mr. Torres expended energy in bringing the parties to conclusion and displayed great understanding of the facts.”
  • Katie Sabella, DM & A Associates – Assault & Battery Case – “Excellent job on a case that appeared not resolvable in mediation.”
  • Sheri L. Banks, Automobile Club of CA – Personal Injury Case – “Excellent mediation process administered by Mr. Torres. Very impressive with his impartiality.”
  • David Serby, Claim Specialist State Farm Insurance – “Excellent, you may use me as a reference.”
  • Ray Spirawski, 21st Century Insurance Company – “Excellent. Very good mediation.  Mediator Torres was well prepared and knowledgeable. One of the best mediators I’ve met.”
  • Judge Jane L. Johnson, Superior Court, Los Angeles “Dear Mr. Torres, thank you very much for the wonderful work you did in settle the C V D case. There was a great deal of anger and hurt involved in this case and with your considerable skills, the parties were able to reach a resolution that was satisfactory to both of them. They spoke very highly of you and were so pleased with the results.”
  • William Johnson "Other than the circumstances, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday for the P vs. R case. That was my first experience of mediation and hopefully the last. I can see why Andrew (our attorney) wanted to use your services. I was impressed with the way you brought about the resolution. Your students certainly are being taught by the best. I certainly appreciated your skilled services."
  • Gilbert Rodriguez Esq., Law Offices Rodriquez & Pullara – Real Estate Case – "The mediator is an extremely efficient mediator. He was very understanding of the feelings of the parties."
  • Robert S. Levin, Esq., - Levin & Hoffman, LLC – Real Estate Case – "Very skillful. Mr. Torres was an immediate asset in bringing the case to settlement."
  • Gregory B. Gershuni, Esq. – Gershuni & Goldstein LLP – Real Property Case – "Thanks for a superior effort."
  • Michael P. Kade, Esq. – Insurance Case – "I would use Mr. Torres any day of the week."
  • Eric Anvari Esq., -Contract Accounting Case – "Wonderfully worked through highly emotional litigant."
  • Jeffrey S. Behar, Esq. – Law Offices Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behar, LLP – PI Construction Case – "It was premature to settle this case. Mr. Torres did a good job in framing the issues to potentially set the case up for future resolution."
  • Patricia Daehnke, Esq- Boone Bridges Muller O’Keefe. – Medical Mal Case – "Great result in a tricky case. Understood issues to the point."
  • L. Valencia – Contract Accounting Case – "One of the better ADR’s I have experienced and I have been to a lot."

Other references upon request.

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