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Dispute Resolution

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Adj. Professor of Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University

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Arbitration is a process by which the parties to a dispute appoint a skilled neutral called an Arbitrator to review the evidence and arguments of each party and make a decision which is binding on the parties. Essentially the Arbitrator acts as a private judge.

Why Arbitration?

  • Fast: An arbitration hearing can be scheduled in a matter of days, rather than the months or years it can take to get to trial.
  • Cost: Compared to other dispute resolution processes, such as litigation, arbitration can save each party many thousands of dollars or in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Confidential: Unlike court cases, Arbitration is a confidential process. The Arbitrator's award (decision) is not published without the consent of the parties. Your personal business remains private. Your credit is not affected.
  • Voluntary: Arbitration can only take place by agreement of the parties to the dispute.
  • Completion: The dispute is resolved, ended, finished once and for all. Unlike Court trials, which can be appealed, except in extremely rare cases, there is no appeal of the Arbitrator's award.
  • Fairness: Unlike the Court system an Arbitrator is not bound by a complex system of rules and technicalities and can render a decision based on what he feels is right and fair not just the law. The parties can also select an Arbitrator who is knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter of the dispute the rather than a judge who might just know the law.

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